My start-up Analytical Test Lab is looking for a corporate partner 


UPDATE (October 20, 2014):  I am still searching for a suitable partner.  Thank you to those who have expressed their interest.  Please email me at [email protected] and I will respond within 24 hours.


Hello, my name is Harry.  I have a degree in chemical engineering with a focus on analytical chemistry.  My first work experience out of college was working in an environmental lab were I tested air, water, and soil samples using Gas Chromatography.  My career then moved to the medical device industry.  After 15 years working in Quality, R&D, and Manufacturing at small and large medical device companies, I have returned to my original passion and started my own analytical testing lab business.


My business model is somewhat different.  Instead of investing in a wide range of equipment and test capabilities, I would like to tailor my test lab to the needs of a single corporate partner (or up to 3 partners, depending on how much business the partners offer).


Although I will work with any corporate partner, this is an ideal opportunity for a partner who is also a start-up business, allowing both of us to grow together.  As my lab is small and mobile, I am open to relocating the lab to your area to ensure you get full support.


The advantages of partnering with me:


1.  Test methods will be developed specifically to your requirements.


2.  Very fast turnaround times since I only serve you.  Imagine test results within minutes or hours rather than days.


3.  Costs are low because there is no overhead for testing capabilities you do not use.


4.  You will deal directly with me and I can provide onsite support as often as needed.


5.  I will work with your budget.  Even if your start-up is low on funding, we can make special arrangements (such as deferred payment or equity position).


If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected].

Thank you! 

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